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2018 WWW Sponsors

2019 "Top Hat & Tails" Sponsors and Donors

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to the many generous donors and sponsors who made this event such a resounding success!

Event Sponsors and Donors

Amanda Weir
Ann Cronin
Anne Martt
Bath Junkie
Beyond Beaute
Blue Beagle Boutique
Boondoggles Restaurant & Bar
Brenda Shoves
Charleen Wall
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Picha
Cherly Schneider
Clifton Grim
Dallas Ives
Daniel LaBasse
Daniel Willett
David Hornyak
Deborah Prusak
Debra Holzbach
Diane & Gary Mohr
Doreen Fraietta
Dori Nelson
Dorothy Taylor
Ellen Robinson
Evalynn Leavens
Faith Vilas
Focal Point Business Coaching & Training
Get Outside Games
GP Schoemakers
Homeward Bound Total Wellness
Jane Ensor
Janet and Mike Ryan
Jean Rauckmann
Jim Robertson
Joyce Ferguson
Judy Ensor
Judy Scott
Juliette Khamjani
Karen Ives
Katherine Hulpiau
Kathy Morgan
Kay Murphy
Kelli Gregory
Ken Goodwin
Kendra Scott
Kevin Huston
Key West Glass
Kim Patton
KItty Olson
Kris Johnson
Kristine Samuell

Lakewood Yacht Club
Lance Miller
Laura Heiman
LaVerne Nash
Leona Pleasant
Libby Huzinec
Lillie McNearney
Lisa Darnell
Lynn Irvine
Lynn Miller
Mandarina Photo Group by Cristiana Doh
Martina Lopez
Mary Rodriguez
Maureen Carson
Maurine Howard
Megan Smith
Merlion Thai Restaurant
Mike DeVault
Nathan Smith
Neater Pet Brands
Nikki Andruik
Opus Ocean Grille
Panera Bread
Pat Macaluso
Patti French
Penny Laird
Primerica Financial Services
Rachel Root
Rosebud Caradec
Rosie Flannigan
Sara Ryan
Seabrook Classic Cafe
StyleAThon Salon
Simon Urbanic
Spec's Liquor
Staci Griffin
Terry Grim
Terry McNearney
Terry Weller
Tess Guidry
The Astros Foundation
The Grand 1894 Opera House
Timber Creek Golf Club
Tito's Vodka
Trisha Stetzel
U of H Clear Lake Bayou Theater
Vanessa Hamilton
Velma Stuchly
Vivian Tomlinson
Wendy Largen
William & Rachel Robertson

Your generous help allows us to continue giving homeless animals a second chance at life. Please click here for some great event photos taken by our volunteer photographer, Nathan Smith, or click the video below to see some of the ways our volunteers and supporters make a difference - thank you to all!